What do I do first? 

Call us at 404 285 6292 or email anewleafestatesales@gmail.com. Let's talk about your unique sale!

Do I clean up first?

NO! Please do not discard anything! It's absolutely true: One man's trash is another's treasure. Even broken clocks, rusty tools and old clothing have value to our buyers.

Do you only sell valuable antiques? 

No! We love to sell it ALL — new furnishings, kitchenware, appliances, tools, crafting supplies, art of any kind, holiday decorations, knick knacks, toys, clothing… Everything!


Do I have enough to sell? 

If you have a good mix of household items that could fill a small apartment, then yes you do. 

How long does a sale take? 

Depending upon the size of your sale, it will be open to the public between 2 and 4 days.

How long does it take you to prepare for the sale? 

Again, it depends on the size and scope of your belongings. We’ve cleared, sorted, and priced within a week’s time for a smaller sale with rush circumstances. But we prefer at least 2 to 3 weeks to prepare for the sale and advertise it.

Can I keep things in the house that I don't want to sell?

Yes. We can block off closets, a room, or a level of your home where non-sale belongings may be stored. 

What sells best? 

Antiques, vintage furnishings, well-made old furniture, new furnishings, decorative items, collectibles, art of any kind, tools and lawn/garden equipment, costume jewelry, hunting gear, crafting supplies, books in good condition, lamps and lighting, clocks, clean new or old textiles.

What doesn't sell well? 

Encyclopedia sets are difficult to sell. Other than that, please allow us to be the judge. You might be surprised to find that there’s a buyer for most items.

What if you find jewelry, cash or valuables when you're sorting through my belongings? 

This is very common! We often find photos, private papers, jewelry and/or cash stashed in unusual places. We'll box it for you and make sure that you get it.

How much of my belongings will you sell? 

We typically sell 90% of your merchandise. It may depend on the weather, the advance notice we have to advertise your sale, and the quality of your items. We are happy to arrange for unsold items to go to auction, charity, or arrange a buyout.

When should you hold my sale? 

Spring and summer are the busy seasons for estate sales, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best time. There will be lots of competition from church sales and conflicts with outdoor events and vacation plans. Because of our temperate weather in the South, any time of year is the right time for an estate sale! Do not put off your sale — let's start planning it today.

Do you clean my house after the sale? 

We broom-sweep floors and organize trash and discards. We are not housecleaners, though we are happy to arrange for a service to come in and clean for you. This additional cost can be deducted from your pay out.

We have a big family — who should meet with you? 

We suggest you choose a point person that will be our liaison. We are happy to meet with entire families, attorneys, heirs. But it's best if there is one designated person that we call when a question must be answered quickly or a decision must be made on the spot.

What do I do first? 

Call us at 404 368 9480 or email  anewleafestatesales@gmail.com. Let's talk about your unique sale!