At A New Leaf Estate Sales, our goal is to satisfy our client. We have lots of happy clients who have given us excellent reviews.

We are honored that our many clients have such kind things to say about A New Leaf. Here are just some of their testimonials. If you require references, A New Leaf is happy to provide them.

Hooray for A New Leaf! We can’t thank them enough. Danielle, Rachel and all their colleagues at A New Leaf are the best. They are incredibly hard working, experts in their craft and highly professional. They make the entire process as painless as possible for the homeowner. We just sat back and watched them do their great work. Prior to our sale, they worked diligently and efficiently over many hours to prepare for the sale. Everything was priced appropriately and then placed and organized within our home for an efficient sales process. The sale itself was managed to perfection and went off without a hitch. When it was all over, we had made more money than we had ever dreamed was possible. Danielle and Rachel then put us in touch with other organizations that came in to help us sell/donate all the items that were not sold during the estate sale. By the end of the process we were able to clear out more than 30 years of accumulated “stuff” from our home and make great money in the process. Thanks to A New Leaf, we have been able to turn “a new leaf” and get on with the next stage of our life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Danielle, Rachel and all the good folks at A New Leaf.
— Honey and Rick Shackelford
We write this recommendation in support of A New Leaf Estate Sales who managed our Sale of 2016. We found the owners, Danielle and Rachael as well their staff to be always well dressed, very presentable, honest and knowledgeable. It was only their expertise that allowed us to have a very successful sale as we managed to dispose of everything that we wanted to move at a price that was entirely acceptable. The “set up” that was made with our possessions made everything appear at the very best and their employees handled the large crowd very nicely and their precautions were all well advised (we had a line forming at our front door before 6 am). Overall everything went very well including the clean-up afterwards, payment was promptly made and there were no issues remaining. We highly recommend this firm without any reservations at all.
— Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Chapman
I was extremely pleased with both the process and the outcome of the estate sale that Danielle and Rachel ran for me. Everyhting happened as they had represented beforehand. I can highly recommend their services.
— John H.
I can not recommend the ladies of A New Leaf Estate Sales more highly. I was named executor for a close relative but live overseas. These ladies made planning and running the sale in absentia a pleasure. In addition to the sales (which were executed as advertised) they helped me with numerous other details to clear the house and make it ready for sale. I could not have done it without them! Hats off, ladies, for a job well done!! I would gladly commend them to anyone looking for such services!
— E.J. Herold, Brussels, Belgium
The bright spot in putting our house on the market to sell was working with Danielle and Rachel. We had lived in our house for almost 40 years and it had become a serious storage place for all our stuff as well as for other family members — and we kept everything. We also had a detached garage on the property that had become a separate storage unit. I was mortified to even show it to them. They didn’t miss a beat. They said “We can take care of it” AND THEY DID! They were very professional and extremely knowledgeable about antiques, porcelains, pottery, fine art and midcentury memorabilia. They came prepared to work bringing all supplies, bookcases and tables. They knew how to best display items and priced everything. The day of the sale they had secured the house and all exits so buyers were able to enter and shop without any worries. We even had a Antique Roadshow moment when they discovered a lamp worth $950 which I had almost put in the trash. I would definitely use them again! I felt like I have made friends for life.
— Regina H.
Just wanted to say thanks again to New Leaf and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do an estate sale. We had a really good experience and appreciate so much not having to worry about anything. We were able to get the things we wanted and they did the rest. I feel they were very thorough and fair in their pricing and so helpful after the sale. They were also very considerate and careful with Mom’s home and her belongings.
— Joni Combs
Our house was under contract within a week! We panicked. Thank goodness we found A New Leaf. Danielle and Rachel handled the entire sale and had personnel on hand to haul heavy items to the customers’ vehicles. After the sale, they took items they could carry that did not sell to Goodwill for us and gave us the receipts. Then after cleaning up, they placed the heavy items that did not sell on our front porch for The Kidney Fund to pick up. They followed up and made sure we received a receipt. They also arranged for two pieces of original art and an expensive oriental fish bowl table to be picked up by an auction house. We were extremely happy with the net profit we received!
— Patricia A.
We were completely overwhelmed! We just sold our house and decided to sell the majority of our furniture and accessories in order to start fresh in our new home. Someone suggested doing an estate sale. We asked around and Danielle and Rachel came highly recommended. Best decision we made! They handled everything — from organizing and pricing our many items, to marketing the sale and doing all the work. We just sat back and watched them do their magic. It was not only a profitable experience, it was a lot of fun. They are upbeat, pleasant, professional and fantastic at what they do! We couldn’t have been happier!
— Susan Mannheimer, Alpharetta
Danielle and Rachel know their stuff. They’re fast and super organized. We ended up making more than I thought we would.
— Jonesboro, GA
Danielle and Rachel were so professional and knowledgeable and a real delight. They came highly recommended at a very stressful time for us and jumped right in to organize and conduct the sale around our very tight schedule. We were out of town the entire time and never had to worry about anything. I would say they are very honest and trustworthy, too. They found our grandmother’s missing platinum wedding band and safely returned it! We were also grateful that they connected us with the right people who could purchase and/or haul off the remaining items left over from the sale. I highly recommend A New Leaf!
— Teace and Richard
Those girls are tough. There was a huge crowd and they managed the sale in a professional manner. I recommend them highly.
— Buckhead neighborhood
In June of 2012, I contracted with Rachel and Danielle to undertake what was to be a monumental task for all of us: cleaning out my childhood home and the various collections of both my parents along with more than sixty years of “stuff.” For the next four months both Rachel and Danielle were at the house almost daily going through everything and doing the research on some of the nicer pieces we wanted to include in the estate sale. The scope of this task was huge as it included collections not only in the main house but three outbuildings.

They were able to identify some items which the rest of us had no idea what they even were and, when in doubt, brought in experts to get outside opinions. With both their knowledge and the relationships they have with some of the best dealers in the South dealing with unique collections, they were able to target those dealers who would have a specific interest in many of the items that would be offered during the sale.

The sale itself drew hundreds of buyers over a several day period and we were able to finally clean the house out and secure a buyer for the property. I am grateful both Rachel and Danielle were there when we needed them and believe no one else could have handled this sale as professionally as they did.
— Dottie Kurtz, Buckhead neighborhood
I didn’t realize my parents’ 1970s chandelier was anything of value. Rachel immediately recognized what it was and saw the value of mom’s old decor items. We made a good amount of money!
— Sandy Springs, GA
My uncle was pretty much of a hoarder. We were embarrassed, but Danielle and Rachel were kind and sensitive during the entire process. They actually uncovered items of high value and were able to make the sale a success.
— Chamblee, GA
I was going through a bitter divorce. Danielle made the entire process a breeze. It could have been awful. Instead, it was a graceful transition to a new chapter in my life.
— Midtown Atlanta